The Harvard Resource Efficiency Program representatives invite you to explore the funniest, zaniest, most informative videos, blog entries, and stories currently out there about sustainability and environmental news. Enjoy!

Do you understand climate change …sort of? Do you like recycling …and the occasional burger? Do you wonder how you can live sustainably and still …well …live? The stereotypes of eco-minded consumers and advocates abound, but we’re here to demonstrate that you can embrace mindful consumption and support environmentally friendly policies without sacrificing your hobbies or food interests.

As college students who care about resource use, we created a blog to achieve a number of goals:

1. Explain complicated topics. Example: If global warming is real, why am I always wearing a Snuggie? [ok, we can’t really account for some questionable fashion choices …but we can explain fluctuations in weather, and the difference between weather and climate!]

2. Offer tips on how to make an impact in ways that fit your lifestyle [Eat a burger today? Buy CFL or LED lights to offset the impact on your carbon footprint!]

3. Take a break to smile [Trust us, the best multitaskers know how to laugh even if they’re saving the world at the same time.]

4. Prove that you don’t have to be an environmental science concentrator to care about the planet. Sustainability is truly a blanket term that we guarantee applies to some part of your life. It stretches across virtually all fields, jobs, and passions. It’s sexy, it’s intriguing, and sometimes, it’s just mind-blowing.

Some environmental advocates argue that the overuse and lack of precision in the word “sustainability” dilutes its power. But we think it makes it easier to find common ground over something we can all agree sounds pretty sensible: making sure we fulfill our needs without depriving future generations of the chance to meet their own.

We’re open to any and all questions and suggestions, so please reach out and email us comments at repcaptains@gmail.com!


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