Carbon Dioxide Mountains and A “Convenient Excuse”

A few links for your celebratory Harvard Yale weekend!

Making the invisible visible: A remarkable video from Carbon Visuals and the Environmental Defense Fund showcasing how much carbon dioxide we actually emit into the atmosphere (using New York City as a model).

As described in the blurb, NYC added 54 million metric tons of CO2 to the atmosphere in 2010… almost 2 tons every second. But emissions are transparent, so we never saw that happen. These video producers decided to make the staggering statistics feel slightly more real – again, you can check it out here.

No more coffee?

Climate change might mean saying goodbye to your morning cup of joe.

A Convenient Excuse: One of the best pieces I have read thus far this year on climate change and the media is Wen Stephenson’s “A Convenient Excuse” recently published in the Phoenix. Please do yourself a favor and check this out- it is extremely well-written and really exposes what is so urgently amiss with the status quo of mainstream media environmental coverage.

Stephenson also shares the basic math worth knowing about climate change:

• Two degrees Celsius: the amount, according to international consensus, that we can raise the global average temperature above preindustrial levels and still maintain a so-called “safe” climate, beyond which all bets are off. “Safe,” of course, depends on where you live. We’ve already raised it almost one degree, with disastrous results; if you live in Africa, or Kiribati, one degree is too much.

• 565 gigatons: the amount of CO2 scientists agree we can still pump into the atmosphere and hope to remain below the two-degree threshold.

• 2795 gigatons: the amount of CO2 contained in the world’s proven fossil-fuel reserves, which the fossil-fuel industry shows every intention of extracting and burning.”

Again, you can find the article here.



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