Push-ups or Polar Bears?

For another angle on the election story, Media Matters has published an article that shows Paul Ryan’s workout routine garnering THREE TIMES the coverage of the alarming story of record sea ice loss.

The article points out that the new record for Artic sea ice minimum differs from the previous record low by an area the size of Texas; this image from NASA offers an apt depiction:

There’s something deeply wrong with the picture below… but it also exposes the power of a personal narrative, especially one like Paul Ryan’s, which involves relatable aspects of daily life (e.g. exercising or maintaining’s one’s health). Artic sea ice loss has no reigning champion figure for the media to target. It’s an issue that is nebulous and frightening and fraught with statistical estimates, all characteristics that seem to doom a story to Never-Never-Land.

How can we put this critical issue on the front page? Tell us in comments below!

Courtesy of Media Matters

(Courtesy of Media Matters)


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