Climate Science on the Campaign Trail?

Following up on our prior mention of the presidential campaign, we present to you a new website that aims to sort out exactly who has said what.

Climate Silence is a website tracking the statements (or silence, rather) of both President Obama and Mr. Romney. The Huffington Post’s Tom Zeller Jr writes about the issue and includes a statement from Erich Pica, president of Friends of the Earth Action.

“Voters deserve to hear what our presidential candidates propose to do to lead the country on addressing this catastrophic problem. The candidates may differ on approaches to the problem, but anyone who is elected to lead the country, or aspires to do so, should realize that true leadership means a willingness to engage difficult issues, not sweep them under the rug.”

If you’d like to feel more comfortable about making an educated vote,  check out Climate Silence to learn more about the debate!

Also, a little visual for you: a comparison of the most common environmental and energy related words from Obama and Romney’s energy plans (courtesy of

Obama’s energy word cloud:

Romney’s energy word cloud:


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