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September 29, 2012

Dear Mr. Potential President

We’re all about supporting the work of green-minded thinkers on campus. Recently, Kristen Wraith and Danny Wilson of the Resource Efficiency Program at Harvard and the Environmental Action Committee wrote a thoughtful op-ed in the Crimson to our potential president, Mitt Romney. Check out the article here:

September 23, 2012

Digital Age: Not So Green?

Ugh, just when we thought we’d found a great paperless way of doing everything…Today¬†The New York Times ran this piece on the tremendous amount of energy required for and wasted by data storage centers.

We encourage you to read the article in full, but among the stats, are these:

Worldwide, digital warehouses (the centers that help store digital information, like your Facebook account info or, cough, this blog’s information) use 30 billion watts of electricity. (The average nuclear plant uses about a billion watts.)

A single data center can use more electricity than a medium-size town.

These centers currently use only 6-12% of their energy — the rest of the energy is wasted and only necessary in the emergency case of a surge.

If you’re interested in cutting back on waste, this is absolutely an area to study!

September 20, 2012

Turn it Off, says Sesame Street…and toddlers…and SNL comedians

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The U.S. is currently going through the worst drought since the 1930s, but luckily, the one thing that hasn’t yet dried up is the wealth of creative channels for environmental communication.

The New York Times Green blog has a great piece today about how Youtube and video have allowed us to bring everyone and everything into Operation Inform-The-Public. Some are meant to be funny, like the video featuring comedians like Rachel Dratch, while others rely on cute poodles and babies to tug on our heartstrings and trigger that second glance at the overly dewy lawn or the running tap.

Another approach is to target those latent neuroses about not ‘fitting in’ or being ignorant of social norms. The Wasting Water campaign takes this approach, as you can see with their video here.

What approach do you think is most powerful? How have you tried to reduce your own water waste, and what area of your life do you think contributes most to your overall water waste?

Plus…lots of tips to save water in your home!

September 17, 2012

Turn It On

Hey Everybody!
Sorry for our hiatus: school and whatnot (a little heavier on the whatnot).
Luckily Isabella and I have awesome friends who send us content that our readers will find interesting! The most recent donation is from Chandan Lodha: New Light Bulb