You can’t hunt what doesn’t exist

People have different opinions about the ethics of hunting. But this is a message that both sides can agree on: you can’t hunt what doesn’t exist anymore. This axiom has led to major conservation efforts on the part of hunters over the years.

Now, we have to apply this knowledge to an animal who seldom needs any help: the lion. Wild lion populations have dropped by 50% in the past three decades primarily due to unsustainable trophy hunting. 64% of lion trophies traded between 1998 and 2008 were shipped to the United States.

Hunters tend to target big, charismatic looking males. Unfortunately, when a male dies, his pride is left without a male head and becomes unstable. Younger males kill each other for dominance as well as the young cubs sired by the previous male.

In order to prevent imports of lion trophies, the US is considering putting lions on the Endangered Species List. Even if they don’t, we’re urging everyone who reads this blog: if you hunt, think critically about what you hunt; the supplies are not unlimited!


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