Earth: The Operators’ Manual

To follow up on our conversation from yesterday about climate messaging and how to empower the individual- that’s YOU- to take action, here’s a trailer for the new PBS documentary, Earth: The Operators’ Manual. 

The voiceover is done by Richard B. Alley, a climate scientist from Penn State who has spoken up about his own background to make it clear that this is a universal message. Alley is a frequent church-going Republican and makes it clear even within the trailer that climate change effects are far too dire for us to afford isolating any group, political party, or religion. This is a global commons problem, and it’s high time we started treating it as one.

Interesting, the documentary highlights the positive actions that we can all take within our local communities to make a difference: the filmmakers were careful to avoid a doomsday approach and the interesting stories from around the world make it a worthwhile watch!

Check out the trailer below:

Or watch full episodes here:



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