Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Baseball aficionados might have a new reason to crow about their favorite sport- according to a recent article by North Jersey Record James O’Neill, teams are taking on the massive responsibility of envrionmental stewardship and going green.

The MetLife Stadium is teeming with new shrubbery thanks to the efforts of Jets employees, who planted 150 perennials and 25 red oak trees in celebration of Earth Day; a massive Solar Ring composed of 1500 solar panels is expected to provide 25 times the electricity needed for the current lighting and display systems. The MetLife Stadium itself is a work of green art, a looming structure with the structural support of more than 12000 tons of recycled steel.

The Yankees are also active contenders for the role of green dream team, with a stadium lighted by 300 fewer watts per fixture than the average levels. William Nutt of the U.S. Green Building Council enthused, “In the past, sustainability was much more an area pushed by environmentalists. But people realize the benefits are more widespread — there are actual profits and savings to be gained….Since teams have such strong followings, their arenas can be powerful educational tools that promote sustainable living.”

See the original article here

image credits:credits:http://www.minorleagueball.com/2010/3/25/1390028/comcast-partners-with-minor-league


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