Skeptical Sunday: The Sun Did It

Oh, the sun.

So warm. So bright. So…..conveniently tailored to be a scapegoat.

Blaming the sun is the second most common alternative global warming cause cited by people who deny human-generated climate change. And hey, the sun is a tempting target. It’s big, it’s hot, and it can’t hire a lawyer for a libel suit.

The data, however, just don’t support the claim that the sun is driving current climate change. For the past 1150 years, the global temperature has been strongly correlated with the solar activity. However, since 1975, temperatures have increased, while solar activity has not.

The scarier thing? The sun has actually been cooling slightly since 1960, so if anything, our planet should be getting a little cooler. To see how the trends of our temperatures and solar activity have stopped matching up, look at the graph below. It’s not very hard to see the divergence; in fact, this would make the worst “spot the difference” game ever.

Want to learn more? Click here.


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