Go Fish

Fish is…well…delicious. It’s also a healthy alternative to red meat, and can be an environmentally better choice — unlike cows, fish don’t require pasture land, and they aren’t passing gas packed with the green house gas methane.

When it comes to eating fish responsibly, though, it’s all about eating the right fish. Overfishing is a big problem: it means populations of big fish are dwindling — and only juveniles are left in the water. Sometimes these juveniles are fished too, which means there’s no fish left to continue the populations! This is bad news for recreational fishers (fewer huge catches for Kodak moments!) and for major populations of people that depend on fish supplies as a critical food supply.
Here’s an awesome Blue Planet video to learn more about the problem:

What can you do? Don’t worry; you don’t have to give up fish! Click below for some tasty (and sustainable) recipes.


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