Wild and Wacky Weather

The Huffington Post has a great slideshow on this week’s extreme weather patterns around the United States (numerous daytime records for high temperatures were broken).

People often don’t realize that “global warming” encompasses a host of problems- rising global temperatures are certainly a factor but so are more erratic and extreme changes to the climate (e.g. increased flooding in some areas and devastating droughts in others).

Chris Madden’s take on the issue:

Even Calvin and Hobbes are concerned…

http://www.anneofcarversville.com/storage/Noah’s-Ark-climate-change.jpg?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1287747283605, http://www.voteclimate.info/_/rsrc/1289692429870/climate-blog/howlonghaveweknownaboutclimatechange/calvinandhobbes.jpg


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