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March 31, 2012

Turn Out the Lights for Earth Hour Tonight!

Just a reminder to turn off your lights at 8:30 pm tonight in celebration of Earth Hour!


March 29, 2012

Shark’s Eye View

March 29, 2012

Go Fish

Fish is…well…delicious. It’s also a healthy alternative to red meat, and can be an environmentally better choice — unlike cows, fish don’t require pasture land, and they aren’t passing gas packed with the green house gas methane.

When it comes to eating fish responsibly, though, it’s all about eating the right fish. Overfishing is a big problem: it means populations of big fish are dwindling — and only juveniles are left in the water. Sometimes these juveniles are fished too, which means there’s no fish left to continue the populations! This is bad news for recreational fishers (fewer huge catches for Kodak moments!) and for major populations of people that depend on fish supplies as a critical food supply.
Here’s an awesome Blue Planet video to learn more about the problem:

What can you do? Don’t worry; you don’t have to give up fish! Click below for some tasty (and sustainable) recipes.

March 27, 2012

Spring Comes Early to…[Insert Your State Here]

Climate Central has a fantastic new graphic on the phenomenon of an increasingly ‘earlier spring’, as measured by a “first leaf” basis for each state. Look for a gray box showing when spring used to arrive (averaged for the years 1951-1980) and a colored box indicating the 1981-2010 average…the difference can be striking.

How does your state match up?


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March 27, 2012

Jolly Clean Race-cars

English Lord Drayson has a dream. A dream of electric race-cars that just might revolutionize the world of competitive racing.

Check it out!


March 27, 2012

Tuesday’s Talk: Serious Science and Near-Irreversible Climate Patterns


On a somber note, scientists have inched closer and closer to the conclusion that climate change is nearing a point at which disastrous effects (e.g. the melting of the ice caps or rainforest destruction) may be irreversible. 

Without adequate cuts to current greenhouse gas emissions, the global temperature could rise as much as six degrees Celsius by 2100 if further measures are not taken (far beyond the 2 degree Celsius global temperature increase recommended by most scientists as a target maximum).

Check out the Reuters article about it here:

March 26, 2012

Grocery “Store Wars,” the Organic Rebellion, and Princess Lettuce…

Mondays can always benefit from a little YouTube procrastination, so here’s a short mock-Star Wars clip on conventional produce and the organic movement!

March 26, 2012

Wild and Wacky Weather

The Huffington Post has a great slideshow on this week’s extreme weather patterns around the United States (numerous daytime records for high temperatures were broken).

People often don’t realize that “global warming” encompasses a host of problems- rising global temperatures are certainly a factor but so are more erratic and extreme changes to the climate (e.g. increased flooding in some areas and devastating droughts in others).

Chris Madden’s take on the issue:

Even Calvin and Hobbes are concerned…


March 25, 2012

Would you like sprinkles with that?

Here’s a cool Ben and Jerry’s video game about climate change. Now you can feel like you’ve helped the environment before you’ve gotten out of your pajamas….or you can feel as though you should never be given a license.

Ice Cream Cartoon


March 25, 2012

The Hunger Games and Climate Change has an article out about how the new movie hit “The Hunger Games” relates to climate change. Check it out here!